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Wall Care Products

Tired of painting? Our water-based primer will make your paint job more efficient, saving you time and money. It’s exterior quality, so it has the resistance to weather in all climates. And it’s indoor quality, so it seals the original material so that the paint doesn’t soak into it.

Key Features

  • Easy Availability
  • Cutting-edge Technology
  • Constant Innovation

Tile products

Have you been living with cracked and lined tiles for years? Have you been considering the idea of renovating your kitchen or bathroom but think it’s going to be too expensive? Don’t worry, we have just the solution for you! Our Tile fixing products is perfect for those looking to fix or replace tiles.



Key Features

  • Strict Adherence to Quality
  • Specialised Usecases
  • Modern Design

Construction Chemicals

Our construction chemical products play a vital role in the construction industry. Whether it’s building tall skyscrapers or making basic repairs in houses and offices, we have a vital role to play. 

Key Features

  • Latest technology
  • World-class quality standards
  • Diverse Range

Water proofing


Our waterproofing products include protective coating,  water sealants and water stops. Water majorly penetrates from Surfaces of foundations, roofs, walls,Bathroom,kitchen of building. With our Proper Waterproofing Treatment the building surfaces are made water-resistant and waterproof for many years.


Key Features

  • Accessibility
  • Designed for regional needs
  • Low Cost