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AFCKOSE HEAT GUARD is a heat reducing and “energy saving” elastomeric coating. composed of acrylic emulsion polymers and micro spheres, properly selected and graded. Inert fillers, light-fast and weather-durable white pigments and additives. It is used as a It is a heat-insulating and waterproofing coating on building rooftops and exterior walls. It helps in reducing power consumption. substantially by reducing the load on air. conditioners and keeps the interior cool with the additional function of waterproofing.

PACKAGING: 1, 4, 10, 20 LITRES.



  • Heat insulation reduces the conductivity of heat from

the exterior to the interior, thus maintaining the temperature.

  • Solar Reflectance
  • Resistance to UV and IR emission protects the coating from damage and reduces heat
  • Excellent waterproofing and increases the
  • Savings from reduced air-conditioning electrical consumption save energy
  • Applications
  • Terraces and rooftops
  • Surfaces made of Cementous asbestos and
  • Exterior walls of buildings
  • Cold storage, computer server rooms,

Metal and concrete storage tanks for water.

  • Chemicals and fuel in the petrochemical



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