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H P 200 White

AFKOSE HP 200 is a high-performance adhesive specially designed for floor & wall in interior &
exterior areas. It is used for the Installation of all types of ceramic, vitrified, glass mosaic tiles,
natural stone, and semi-vitreous tiles, which can be used over concrete and a variety of substrates. All
types of medium and large format tiles & stone on a variety of substrates. AFKOSE HP 200 is
non-shrink heat proof, self-curing, and highly flexible adhesive having excellent waterproofing
properties. Flexible adhesive to fix vitrified tiles, mosaics, and stones on floor and wall.

(For internal and external use) It complies to IS 15477:2004(Type2) & BS 5980:1980

Got an ISO certification 10 IS 154772034T 215 35 555 1950


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