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AFKOSE Cool Plaster is used for Silk Smooth Walls. It is a revolutionary product that will enhance the beauty of your home. It is lime-based plaster, primely concentrated on regulating the temperature of your home. It gives a smooth silk finish to walls as it also contains some minerals that make it resistant to moisture, making it capable of seaside application, whereas usually putty of gypsum-based plaster cannot be applied



  • It also saves 75% of CO2 release compared to usual putty or paint, which makes AFKOSE Cool Plaster an environmentally friendly
  • Because of its high pH, it serves to reduce indoor air Its resistance and natural factors help to maintain hygiene.
  • AFKOSE Lime Plaster has the unique characteristic of “autogenously “

It can reabsorb carbon dioxide and reseal any cracks that may appear, which makes itself healing.

  • Low Thermal Conductivity, which keeps the inhabitants warmer in a cooler
  • It provides a better foundation for expensive paints than other alternatives like cement-based putty, pop and acrylic-based plasters.


  • It will not peel off in normal
  • Saves 100% of the primer and 30% of the
  • It gives a long life to the applied
  • It saves a significant amount of time and


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