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AFKOSE ANTI-DAMP PRO has very good scrub and wet resistance properties. It is a special product for alkaline and efflorescence resistance coatings. It has very good abrasion resistance to protect and give coating mar resistance.


The typical application field of AFKOSE ANTI DAMP PRO is to manufacture alkaline and efflorescence resistance coatings and flat coatings. It can be used as a single binder in building adhesives, ceramic tile adhesives, fillers, or repair compounds.

The dispersion is compatible with cement.

Appearance White free-flowing liquid
Protective Colloid Acrylate
Solids 52+or- 1%
Particle Size Ca.10 µm
Viscosity 4000-25000(Brookfield viscometer RVT)
PH Value 7.0 + OR – 1.0(50% Dispersion in water)
Film Properties Clear, Tough, Tack Free
MFFT Approx.19°C
TG Approx+20°C


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