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Why Us


We innovate by starting with customer and working backwards. That becomes the touchstone for how we invent.

Modern Technology

We manufacture with the highest standards and produce materials that are save and long lasting


Our products are of the highest quality at the cheapest rate. So you will save your hard-earned money and live in a peaceful home.


Eco Friendly Construction

Our eco-friendly construction products ensures the use of materials and processes that are resource-efficient and environmentally responsible throughout the life cycle of a building.


Healthy indoor environment

The indoor environment has a profound effect on the occupants of the building. With our products occupants can experience better health and productivity.


Low Maintenance and Operation Cost

Green buildings incorporate unique construction features that ensure efficient use of resources such water and energy.


AFKOSE Building Care Products

AFKOSE BUILDING CARE was launched as a subsidiary of DEVADAR BUILDING CARE PVT LTD. The brand was established as a result of seeing the need for eco-friendly products in the building care industry Over time when we have been involved in this field we have seen the adverse health effects on workers involved in this building care sector. Moreover, the impact these chemicals make on the environment is also very scary and should be looked over.
In AFKOSE BUILDING CARE we look forward to minimizing these issues as much as we can with the current technology while not leading to huge costs for the end consumer. We focus on making the most affordable costs by cutting costs, not through compromising product quality but through reducing advertising and marketing costs.

We’ve Been Building For Over 12 years…